Blurbosity n.

Blurbosity n. – a verbose blurb; an over-long, overtly gushing blurb fest suggesting the work in question is a combination of the Bible, Giant Size X-Men #1, War and Peace and Lord of the Rings, and that its author is the love child of James Bond and Mother Teresa; occasionally, blurbosity can also refer to the author or publisher’s insistent belief that they must acquire as many blurbs from as many people as possible, resulting in several pages of a small-sized typeface with not enough spacing in which everyone from medium-famous-writer to the author’s dead aunt praise the book in question.


Lavie Tidhar’s Camera Obscura is the most magnificent example of the Novel ever written: the book’s awe-inspiring awesomeness is equaled only by the author’s ragged good looks, supreme culinary skills and the size of the cheque he’s just paid us to write this.

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