Frank Miller Feminism n.

Frank Miller Feminism n. a term applied to specific works of fiction wherein every single woman is a prostitute -but some are really tough prostitutes.

[Attribution: EB]

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5 Responses to Frank Miller Feminism n.

  1. Jenny Creed says:

    To nitpick, the preferred term is sex worker.

    • denelian says:

      to nitpick your nitpick, “sex worker” describes someone working within the field as a whole; doing phone sex, stripping/exotic dancing, dom- and domme-ing, being the director of porn films, writing erotica…
      and then you have the jobs – most of them, actually – wherein actually selling sex for money isn’t on the table. how do you differentiate between a sex worker who is selling actual sex, and one who is selling something *related* to sex but not sex itself? by naming the former a prostitute.
      i’ve worked several jobs that can be listed as “sex work”; i’ve never been a prostitute.

      a further issue is that, currently, “sex worker” implies [due to current work within the sex work field] *agency* on the part of the sex worker… which, in many many cases, in utterly absent in the types of stories being told. at BEST, you have a person turning to sex work as the only viable option; more often, you have a person forced into it.

  2. denelian says:


    all that is true,
    the problem comes when defining a thing. while prostitution is sex work, not all sex work is prostitution. so if you only mean that specific subset of sex work… na da?

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