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Frank Miller Feminism n.

Frank Miller Feminism n. a term applied to specific works of fiction wherein every single woman is a prostitute -but some are really tough prostitutes. [Attribution: EB] Advertisements

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Robocopian adj.

Robocopian adj. of a Robocop-like narrative force, combining 80s hairdos, cheesy one-liners, corporate greed, robots, guns, urban decay, weird futuristic advertising and other staples of a 1980s science fictional universe. USES: It cannot be said Blade Runner is Robocopian since … Continue reading

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Gernsbackian Boundary n.

Gernsbackian Boundary n. a term used by geologists of science fiction to refer to the early 1980s as the boundary of an Extinction Event for genre writers, marking a profound shift in the landscape of science fiction. Named after short … Continue reading

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