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Cardigan n.

Cardigan n. – 1. a fan of Orson Scott Card. 2. umbrella term for any sort of gay-bashing right-wing loon belonging to the science fiction community. Uses: We need a convention just for Cardigans so those pinko communist gay-lovers from … Continue reading

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Utopia n.

Utopia n. a never-ending ComiCon; an ideal society in which its cool to be a geek; a place where everyone wears costumes, all the time. Uses: I want to live in a utopia / I want to dress like Superman … Continue reading

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Wholigan n.

Wholigan n. Dr. Who fan. Uses: This guy I used to work with, Andy, was a six-foot ex-bouncer with a massive collection of Dr. Who memorabilia – he was right a Wholigan!

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Anthologit n.

Anthologit n. a derogatory term for an anthologist; applied for wide variety of reasons which may include a dubious Table of Contents; silly concept or title; unsavoury promotional practices; factory-line production of no-pay, sub-par volumes purchased only by the authors … Continue reading

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Fur and Fang Romance n.

Fur and Fang Romance n. an incredibly successful brand of fiction, also called Urban Fantasy (US), Dark Fantasy (UK) and other terms, none of which satisfy. Features a female protagonist who may or may not be supernatural but is thrown … Continue reading

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Time-Anchoring n.

Time-Anchoring n. the act of being anchored in a previous time, usually but not exclusively the 1950s. Uses: Analog is firmly time-anchored, isn’t it? Do you think they’ll ever find out about the Internet? We get a lot of time-anchored … Continue reading

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Science Fiction n.

Science Fiction n. the genre that lies between literary fiction and Steampunk.

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Heinleinistas n.

Heinleinistas n. umbrella term for the literary heirs of Robert A. Heinlein, [AKA the cadets]. Heinleinista write glorified military tales, stop for lengthy philosophical and ideological discourses, and are likely to include awkwardly-written sex scenes. Uses: Romance novelists will be … Continue reading

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Dystopalyptic n.

Dystopalyptic n. Condition afflicting many authors, leaving them unable to imagine or create an actual working future. Uses: mainstream writers turning to SF are uniformly dystopalyptic. [Attribution: BT]

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Dirty Old Man SF n.

Dirty Old Man SF n. a generic term encompassing novels by male novelists wherein their teenage fantasies are re-enacted on the page, sometimes endlessly. These include pretty much the complete oeuvre of Robert A. Heinlein. Uses: Peter F. Hamilton’s Misspent … Continue reading

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