A Weird Tales Acceptance n.

A Weird Tales Acceptance n. An odd process by which an editor accepts a story for publication, keeps it in inventory and then un-accepts it in order to open for new submissions, in which turn said editor would accept, keep in inventory, un-accept and open to submissions in which turn said editor would accept, keep in inventory, and finally un-accept in order to open to new submissions; all without ever actually publishing a magazine.

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Malzberg v.

Malzberg v. To respond to criticism by accusing your critics of being “liberal fascists” who are violating your right to free speech (or more commonly, FREEEEEEE SPEEEEEECH!!!!!1).


His publisher didn’t like being called on her author’s blog post but her response totally Malzberged it.

I didn’t like this review but I totally Maltzberged the guy on Twitter.

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Americlones n.

Americlones n. “Foreign” characters in science fiction and fantasy novels written by American authors, where any similarity to real nationalities or culture is entirely coincidental.


Those Russian and Chinese characters in Greg Bear’s Eon? Totally Americlones!

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Über SMOF n.

Über SMOF n. Hypothetical secret master in the world of science fiction fandom (SMOF meaning Secret Master of Fandom). It has been hypothesised that such a being may be linked to the giant lizard conspiracy.


One Über SMOF to find them all and in the darkness bind them.

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Readercon Diet, The

Readercon Diet, The. A zero-tolerance approach to dieting, but really it’s ok to eat as much as you like as long as you say you’re sorry for it afterwards.

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UmlautPunk n.

UmlautPunk n. a kind of thriller detective fiction featuring the use of ulmauts; sometimes referred to as “Scandinavian Crime”; usually features a) serial killer b) anti-Semitism / historical links to the Holocaus c) women as victims d) umlauts.


Jo Nesbo’s UmlautPunk novels sure sell a lot of copies, don’t they?

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Elfing v.

Elfing v. The act of writing an elf book; though there is no such thing as one elf book. There are only series; such an endeavor typically includes writing about dragons and dwarfs as well; there is no elfing under 120,000 words of fiction; it is seen as a competitive sport in some quarters, and a Sisyphean task of endurance by others; in a final count we can only say, it is what it is.


Q: How is your literary masterpiece coming along?

A: I put it aside for a while and now I’m elfing.


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